Variety of Colors/Versatility of Breed


Blue, sandy, liver, blue and tan, sandy and tan, liver and tan. In bi-colors the tan markings are found on the legs, chest, under the tail, inside the hindquarters and over each eye. The topknots of all adults should be lighter than the body color. Patches of darker hair from an injury are not objectionable, as these are only temporary. Darker body pigmentation of all colors is to be encouraged.


Bedlingtons succeed in many performance areas in addition to being shown in conformation. You and your dog will bond more closely if you work together! Consider the following activities and check with trainers in your area as well as the AKC website:


Agility    Barn Hunt    Lure Coursing (CAT)    Earth Dog    Dock Diving      Trick Dog    Nose/Scent Work    Tracking    Service Dog


Obedience classes for certifying your dog: Puppy classes (STAR), Canine Good Citizenship (CGC), CGCA, and CGCU,  Therapy, and upper level obedience competition.

Care Thornton`s Maisie in training for Diabetic Alert Service Dog

Arlene Myslinski and her dogs Cassidy and Carson

Arlene and Carson, Care and Maisie practicing obedience in a PetsMart

 Melody Guiver`s puppy Ben at agility practice